7 Reasons Why Herbal Tea is More Popular than Coke in China

First of all let’s analyze wang lao ji and coke:

  1. Wang Lao Ji = 7 herbs + water + white sugar
  2. Coke = sugar, caramel color, caffeine, phosphoric acid, high fructose corn syrup, coca extract, kola nut extract, lime extract, vanilla and glycerin for purposes of simplicity and because the actual recipe is in fact top secret and only know to a few top level CEOs we will say coke is made up of the following: artificial colorings + water + white sugar

Since both contain white sugar, which has no health benefits whatsoever we eliminate the white sugar.

From this list we get into the reasons why coke is so unpopular in China and why herbal tea such as wang lao ji is kicking out the competition.

  1. There is an established tea culture
  2. Tea drinking is first and foremost a way of life
  3. Coke is American made
  4. Wang Lao Ji is Chinese made
  5. What is health beneficial of the contents of Coke?
  6. The list of herbs contained in Wang Lao Ji has been proven time and again to be health beneficial

and the best reason is … 7. The parents and grandparents have taught their children Coke will rot their teeth. It has been proven time and again that the best education a child can receive is in the home. Teach them the basics of good health and diet and they will forever follow it. Please let us know your comments below.

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