How to Strengthen the Immune System this Flu Season – Secret Flu Recipe Inside!

Kabosu ???

How do you like that title? Did I get your attention? Kabosu, pictured here is a fruit closely related to the yuzu, (Citrus ichangensis a very aromatic citrus fruit originating from East Asia resembling bit like a very small grapefruit with an uneven skin, and can be either yellow or green depending on the degree of ripeness) with the sharpness of lemon, and often used instead of vinegar in Japanese cooking. Kabosu is a seasonal fruit only available during the summer and fall. It grows on a flowering tree with sharp thorns, the fruit is harvested when still green but ripens to yellow. Originally brought over from China to Japan during the Edo period and became popular in Japan, especially Oita prefecture where they are cheap but more of a delicacy elsewhere in Japan. Kabosu enhances the tastes of many dishes such as sashimi, hot pot and grilled fish.

The FB Super Immune Revitalizer – This is the drink that I drink daily and the same drink that I drank during the H1N1 swine flu epidemic at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University during the summer of 2009 when 14 students were rushed to hospital and all the students, staff and faculty were coughing and sneezing around me and I was busily working doing translations about telling the students not to leave their home unless in an emergency. Here is my secret flu prevention and flu symptom recipe revealed:

  • 1 Kabosu or Lime or Lemon
  • Honey to taste

I think that the kabosu is the best choice but if you don’t have kabosu lime maybe substituted as a second choice. Wash and cut kabosu in quarters and squeeze out all the juice I like to include all the pulp inside or everything except the peel if it’s organic then include the peel as well. Add honey to taste about a tablespoonful and hot water and mix well. Drink. I drank this twice a day during the kabosu season summer and fall for 2 years and I am sure that I had a super immunity during the summer of 2009 APU H1N1 swine epidemic. I believe and trust it so I still drink it to keep up my immunity.

Why does this work?

This works because kabosu like lemons and limes, are high in vitamin C and also full of phytochemicals. These are plant constituents that help boost the immune system and much more. These are natural immune system boosters why would anyone go to the pharmacy and pay a lot of money for some over the counter immune system supplements when they can get these fruits which, cost far less.

Still anyone with a high acid diet should go for alkaline foods for a balance. High acid meaning people who eat a lot of rice, bread, meat and those who drink a lot of alcohol. Fight the flu season this year with a natural immune system booster by getting yourself kabosu, lemon or lime!



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