Make Your Own Liangcha: Citrus Tea

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My first part in a series exploring making your own herbal teas. Today I will discuss citrus tea and how to make it. First of all, like kabosu, lime and lemon as mentioned in earlier posts citrus too is not only delicious to drink but also is loaded with vitamin C so would also be great for the coming cold/flu season.

Citrus Tea:

Place 10 grams dried orange peel washed, and torn into small pieces into a cup. Add boiling water, cover with a lid and allow to set for about 10 minutes.  Add a small amount of sugar to taste. You can allow it to cool in the refrigerator or add ice for a iced citrus tea. Frequent drinking of this tea is not only refreshing during summer but also good for cough, mucus build up, and a healthy stomach.



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