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Wong Lo Kat The Brand Consumers Trust The Most, The Fastest Growing Herbal Beverage – A Market Leader

The third annual  ‘China brand and Communication Conference’ was held recently in Beijing.  Present for the conference were government leaders, brand marketing experts, media representatives and representatives of many other well-known domestic enterprises. During the event Wong Lo Kat stood out of the hundreds of top brands, winning the award for ‘The Brand Consumers Trust The Most’.

The supervisor of the Organizing Committee for the award, said: ‘Wanglaoji has significant cultural roots as well as an excellent product, and sales continued to rise. The herbal tea beverage has for many years ranked the top selling canned beverage, worthy of the name consumers trust. ‘

Cultural Roots, Fit the Trend for Health

In recent years, with the changes in consumer attitudes, the health demands of an increasing number of people, Wong Lo Kat herbal tea has its own unique concept of health and cultural values, which has grown to become the beverage for the mainstream market.

Global warming, climate anomalies and other issues are the main highlights around the world since entering the industrial age. Diet and other lifestyle factors have been greatly affected, with the modern fast-paced world, stress reduction and conflict resolution are things people are looking to improve. JDB Group Wanglaoji, opens the herbal tea industry domestically and internationally.

International Standards, Quality and Trust

With deep historical and cultural roots, Wong Lo Kat has laid a good foundation, using strict quality control, quality product and health have been the main features that have been applauded.

It is recognized as an ‘authentic herbal tea’ and a ‘state-level intangible cultural heritage’ brand, Wang Lao Ji uses traditional methods of boiling and steeping raw ingredients for the extraction process, combined with modern beverage production technology for the industrial production of traditional herbal tea. According to the Wanglaoji JDB Group technical personnel, the JDB Group has put in a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and many years of scientific research, to achieve the ‘Wong Lo Kat herbal tea,’ guarantee of quality. All production facilities are built according to JDB Group quality standards, with the introduction of advanced automatic beverage production line.

International standards of quality, not only protect the interests of consumers, but also has gained international recognition. In 2010, Wanglaoji gains the food industry’s highest award the  ‘Global Food Industry Award’ as the only national beverage award, that is internationally recognized while further enhancing consumer trust.

Fastest Growing, Flourishing Herbal Tea Category

‘Culture and quality of course is the foundation to win the trust of consumers.’ When Coca-Cola entered China in 1979, they relied on ‘the world’s most popular beverage,’ the Chinese herbal tea industry has not yet started, 16 years later, the first JDB Group Wanglaoji was produced, herbal tea was not widely known by the average consumer, let alone trusted. Coca-Cola was not been a competitor; however, Wanglaoji’s slogan ‘fear the heat, drink Wong Lo Kat‘ has swept into a series of generous Wong Lo Kat herbal tea markets and has kept the value of culture and health that are all well known to consumers. It is expected that at the current pace of development in the next two to three years time, the herbal tea category is likely to grow following the carbonated fruit juice drinks.

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