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“Herbal Teas – Balancing the heat from what you eat, drink and your surroundings”

The Logo

About our logo, the Chinese characters reads /feng bo liang cha/ in Mandarin Chinese. The first part /feng bo/ are the characters of the founders of this website one character from each of our names: Feng Fei and Zuo Bo. /Liangcha/ meaning “herbal tea”.

The Author

I am self-published author of Traditional Japanese Dances of Himeshima (2004), and Potters Without Borders Association Director of the Advocacy Committee, a non-profit organization working on bringing clean water to the poorest of the poor throughout the world using the ceramic water filter technology I enjoy writing, film making, and reaching out to those in need.

This Website

Herbal Cooling Teas are a way to optimal health
Our modern day health problems are, in part, due to widespread plant deficiencies, for example:

  • low consumption of fresh, high quality, chemical-free fruits and vegetables
  • an absence of herb use as tonics and medicine
  • disconnection from the plants growing around us and nature as a whole

The Short Version

In today’s busy society we are often accustomed to a fast paced lifestyle that forces us to eat quickly, and get well quickly. We as human beings have evolved for 1000s of years and on every continent our ancestors  have used herbs for cooking and medicine but this modern fast paced society has sped up the pace only in the last 50 years or so. We consume more processed foods that are conceived to be more convenient, our doctors are paid by drug companies to give us more drugs, which often leave us with side-effects that continuously make us dependent on more.

However, things are getting better as more and more people question the necessity of processed “convenience” foods and prescription medication for organically grown produce and a more alternative approach to medicine. Since ancient times diseases and illnesses were prevented by diet. Due to what we eat, drink and climatic  conditions our body temperature needs to achieve a proper balance. Foods that acidic (carbohydrates, meat, oil) — warm, need to be balanced with the alkaline foods (watermelon, lemons) — cool. Herbal Teas can help balance this heat build-up and prevent you from having unsightly skin disorders such as acne and other diseases.

What We Offer:

Our primary goal is being informative about tea this includes:

  • Forming a closer connection with plants around you
  • Identifying, Growing and Harvesting Plants for human consumption
  • Research and Cultivation of herbs and other plants for tea on our micro farms
  • Nothing we produce is mass produce, we firmly believe that mass production is only counterproductive to a healthy and sustainable planet.

Our sources of revenue:

  • Affiliate commissions from companies such as Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Text Link Ads
  • We sell the teas we produce on our micro farms
  • We purchase teas from micro farmers in China and Japan and sell them
  • We create digital and hard copy informational products for sale
  • We micro manufacture ceramic tea ware and other accessories for sale

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What’s in it for YOU?

The primary motives for setting up this website was due out of an interest for the plants that grow around us as well as all the food you eat is either warming or cooling. In today’s world, our modern diets are all trending toward warming diets so to counter this we’ve set up herbal cooling teas to counter this trend and achieve balance between the warming and cooling.

You may be wondering what’s here for me? Ask yourself this question:

Is Your Diet High in …

  • Oils?
  • Carbohydrates?
  • Meat?
  • Alcohol?

If you answered YES to any of these questions this website is FOR YOU, join Herbal Cooling Tea For Smart People.

The More Detailed Version

It’s only been within the last century that our lives have changed from the basic agrarian lifestyle to a corporate lifestyle in an office. However, the human body has not changed much if any at all over the last 10,000 years of evolution. The last century has brought on genetically modified foods, pesticides, herbicides and a multitude of different cancers. Sure people are living longer now but we are still not certain what the next 10,000 years are going to be like.

We live in an age where the corporations control us but with an ever increasing number of groups, events, and websites springing up discussing ideas about green/alternative energy, permaculture, and waste reduction there seems to be an ever increasing need to return to a more sustainable approach to living.

I have spent over 15 years traveling and working throughout the world in particular China and Japan studying Satoyama – eco farming practices carried out for centuries. I’ve applied these fundamentals to the cultivation and harvesting of plants around us to be used as teas.

In Chinese, they’re called “liangcha” or ‘herbal cooling tea”. Everything we eat and drink have cooling and warming properties with a greater connection to plants we can achieve a proper balance with our diets and eat according to the seasons, which is what in turn we as human beings have been doing for tens of thousands of years. FBL Herbal Cooling Teas was established with the principles of Satoyama and balance in mind.

Our primary goal is in educating people with ancient practices in a modern world.

If you’d like to know more or would like to help out in my work I’d be glad to speak to you. Please contact me on Twitter @fbliangcha or @sanamionline or please join:

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***Although liangcha – herbal teas/herbal medicine have been used for hundred’s of centuries by people around the world and have claimed to prevent or cure diseases, human beings are not the same as they were 100 or 1000 years ago they lived entirely different lifestyles than those of today. Therefore, for modern day human beings it is very difficult to ascertain if these herbal treatments will in effect treat, cure or prevent any disease in any person today as they did for hundred’s of centuries. ***

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Liangcha means 'Cooling Tea' in Chinese. 'Liangcha' is part of a tea drinking culture that is used to balance the heat build up within our bodies due to the things we eat, drink as well as the climate. Please click here for more details about this website and it's founder.

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