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What is Liangcha?

  • Liangcha – The two Chinese characters have the meaning ‘cool’ or ‘cooling’ and ‘tea’. Therefore, liangcha is a ‘cooling tea’, which at FB Liangcha means ‘herbal cooling tea’, signifying that the tea is not from the camellia sinensis tea plant but are herbs that are cooling in nature.

Balance – Yin & Yang

  • You’ve heard of Chinese ying and yang where everything is balanced. You’ve may even heard that everything we eat is either acidic or alkaline and that our modern diets are verging toward acid so you’ve may heard that we need to have a balance and eat more alkaline foods. All herbs too are classified as hot, warm, spicy, cold and cool. In Chinese traditional medicine, an illness that is warm must be treated by a cool herb. Conversely, an illness that is cool must be treated by a warming herb.

What is meant by a cold herb?

  • A herb is often referred to as a cold herb meaning that it is used in what is called excess heat conditions such as fevers, skin rashes, and sore throat. Excess heat conditions are essentially inflammatory processes involving heat, redness, pain, and swelling often due to external pathogenic factors such as bacteria and viruses. Therefore, the cold nature of cold herbs is considered to cool the heat nature of the heat related conditions. For example, antibacterial properties of Japanese honeysuckle can help to cool a fever. In this case, the cold herb treats the heat condition. However, if a patient has what is called a cold condition such as cold limbs, cold and pain in the abdomen, and abdominal pain relieved by warmth, then jin yin hua’s cold nature is said to be contraindicated for treating the pre-existing cold condition. Therefore, if using jin yin hua in an herbal formula for a patient with a cold condition, one would then choose to balance the temperature of jin yin hua with another herb that is warming in nature.

Isn’t this medicine?

let food be your medicine – Hippocrates (460-377 BC)

  • Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Everything we eat can be considered medicine including things considered poisonous if properly handle – let’s not get into that because that would be beyond the scope of this website! I think the problem is modern society has taught us to believe “medicine” is some manufactured pill that comes from a bottle. Yes most of them all originate from herbs that is why you need to be careful which herbs to take especially if you’re on prescription medication or you have a serious medical condition. Let food be your medicine implies getting a well balanced diet that makes up all the food groups vitamins and minerals. As I always say to my readers herbal teas/herbal medicine have been used for hundred’s of centuries by people around the world and have claimed to prevent or cure diseases, however, human beings are not the same as they were 100 years ago they lived entirely different lifestyles than those of today. Therefore, for modern day human beings it is very difficult to ascertain if these herbal treatments will in effect treat, cure or prevent any disease in any person today as they did for hundred’s of centuries. I always say if you like the taste then by all means drink it, if it makes you feel better drink it. However, don’t drink too much because like anything including food too much can make you sick.

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